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The IEFBR14 utility is a dummy utility provided by the IBM. In the utility name, "IEB" for data set utility programs and "BR14" means "branch to register 14". IEFBR14 is a no operation utility. IEFBR14 utility performs no action other than return a completion code of 0.


Readers who are having or not having mainframe knowledge.


The tutorial is intended for the readers with a little mainframe experience as the tutorial mainly focuses on how it is used in mainframe environment. In the tutorial, all the topics are covered with in depth description and can understandable by anyone who had minimum computation background.


Need to have the JCL knowledge if learning the IEFBR14 for processing PDS or PDSEs. Learn JCL tutorial at JCL Tutorial here.

Having the computation background will be an advantage in understanding the concepts a bit easy. Without having computation background, it is a bit time taking to understand the concepts and need to go through the topic more than once to understand clearly.

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Utilities Home Page Introduction