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3. Cursor position: A half word binary field used to send the offset of cursor position in the screen. Offset  of cursor position will be sent in EIBPOSN of DFHEIBLK to the screen when the data   was  transferred from the program to the terminal. (Relative to zero).   What are the types of attribute setting? There are two ways of attribute setting to the fields.  1. Static attribute setting 2. Dynamic attribute setting.  1. Static attribute setting:  Attributes setting during the MAP creation will call as a static attribute setting. 2. Dynamic attribute setting: Attributes can be modified in the program before sending the MAP to the  screen will be called as by Dynamic attribute setting.   FSET  Used to check whether the particular field is modified or not. Independent of the field is modified or not, it  will be passed to the program and MDT is set for the field.  What is MDT? 1. MDT is one bit field of the attribute byte. The program can receive only the fields with MDT ‘1’ on  RECEIVE.   2. MDT can be SET/RESET in the following ways. When the user modifies the field, the MDT of the field is automatically set to ON.  FSET keyword of the attribute operand definition of DFHMDF will set MDT to ‘ON’.  Before sending the screen, by overriding the MDT bit of attribute byte of field the MDT can be set to  ‘ON’. 1. JUSTIFY: Used to specify the justification of the field. By default, the justification is RGHT. Need to specify explicitly  if wants to justify to RIGHT.   2. PICIN and PICOUT: Used to define the picture clause to the particular field for the symbolic map.  It is very useful during the Numeric fields and during the Numeric fields editing.  3. INITIAL:   Used to specify the default value of the field which required to display during the first display of the  MAP on the screen. When the MAP is sent, this value will appear in the field.   The constant information like TITLE is coded using INITIAL keywords of field definition.  
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